Hans van Bentem

After studying at the Royal Academy for the Visual Arts in The Hague, this Dutch sculptor’s work shifted from 2 to 3-dimensional. He spent time at the European Ceramic Work Centre in Hertogenbosch (a city in the south of the Netherlands) and produced numerous large-scale works for public and private clients. He has created a personal style in ceramic sculpture, with his most important collaboration being with Struktuur 68 (a Dutch company that works with artists to create ceramic sculptures).
His works are multi layered and visually thought-provoking and he has created works in glass, bronze, ceramic and wood. He was commissioned to create specific pieces for the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Pretoria, in Florence Ribeiro Avenue (previously Queen Wilhelmina Avenue).

Selected works:
Guardian Angels, Aliens

Netherlands Embassy in Pretoria

hansvanbentem.nl (accessed 31 January 2014).