Heritage Complex: Freedom Park and Voortrekker Monument

Constructed on Salvokop, a site providing 360 degree panoramic views towards the city in the North as well as the natural landscape to the South, Freedom Park celebrates South Africa’s democracy and freedom. Opposite this site is the koppie on which the Voortrekker Monument stands, which commemorates the large amount of pioneers that moved inland from the Cape from 1835 to 1854. Connected by a road, it is here where two important landmarks of South African history and future are brought together.

Architect (Voortrekker Monument):
Gerard Leendert Pieter Moerdijk
Regarded as the most famous Dutch born Afrikaans architect, Gerard Moerdijk was raised in a Dutch home in South Africa and attended Pretoria Boys High School. He won his first architectural competition while still at school and worked for the Public Works Department before going to England to study architecture. He promoted an architectural style that is suited to the South African context and he is well known for designing numerous churches and university buildings.

Architect (Freedom Park):
GAPP Architects & Urban Designers, Mashabane Rose and Associates, MMA Architects

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