Netherlands Bank 2

Built from 1946-1953 this building subtly blends Dutch and African influences through the choice of materials and the connection with the street. The long construction period was due to the high level of craftsmanship and detailing of building elements, and although the Dutch clients initially did not like the design, not much was changed and the building was used for many years as a bank. Today it remains a timeless example of the regional architecture that architects of that time pursued.

Norman Musgrave Eaton
Born in Pretoria, Eaton is regarded as one of the most prominent Pretoria Regionalist architects. In his time he was progressive with regards to planning and had the ability to design buildings that function very well. Famous for his use of face brick, he was a perfectionist and very passionate about the architectural profession. His work still stands out as a fine example of modern architecture which is well suited to the South African context.

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